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AMC Beauty, founded by a makeup artist with her own cosmetic brand, aimed to help consumers find safe and healthy skincare products.

Role: UX/UI Design

Target Audience: Skincare Lovers



To research, strategize, and design a seamless mobile application that helps customers confidently invest in products they are truly satisfied with.


The challenge was to impact the company's approach to providing safer and healthier products for their consumers

Problem Statement

Research and Design Process

Conducted extensive market research and analyzed user comments to understand their needs and pain points. Key issues included wasteful spending on ineffective products, lack of awareness about ingredients, and dissatisfaction with big-name brands.

Empathize with

User Needs:

Consumers needed an easy and efficient way to purchase safe skincare products. This information guided the UI ideation stage, leading to the creation of a design prototype that was tested, polished, and optimized for a seamless user experience.


Design Solutions

  1. Users needed a way to add unlisted products.

  2. Users desired suggestions for safe products.

  3. Users required trust in the accuracy of provided information.

Usability Findings:

Key Features

Users can manage a personal list of favorite products and ones they wish to explore.


Streamlines the process of checking product ingredients, allowing for faster identification of suitable cosmetics.


Provides guidance on combining ingredients effectively for optimal skincare results.

Compatible Products:

Evaluates health risks of ingredients, like allergens and irritants, using scientific data.

Scoring Method

Learning Experience: Gained insights into the iterative process of design realization and the importance of usability studies in driving modifications.


Mindfulness in Research: Recognized the challenge of bias and the influence of body language during research. Became more conscious of non-verbal cues to ensure unbiased participant responses.

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