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A comprehensive app designed to remind users to take their medication on time, track medication inventory, and alert users for refills before prescriptions run out.

Role: UX/UI Design

Target Audience: Busy Teens & Adults



Create an app that not only reminds users to take their medication on time but also manages prescription refills and offers customizable reminders for medication intake.


Addressing the challenge of helping people remember to take their daily medication amidst life's distractions and busy schedules.

Problem Statement

Research and Design Process

Conducted interviews, surveys, and empathy mapping to understand user needs. Expanded the app's functionality to include features like medication refill within the app and updates on prescription readiness.

Empathize with

User Needs:

  1. The need for an easier method to cancel scheduled reminders.

  2. A calendar feature to schedule multiple reminders throughout the day.

  3. Larger text for better accessibility.



Design solution - Key Features

Helps users stay up-to-date with their medication stock.


Notifies users about prescription status and pickup options.

Video Content

Simplifies the process of refilling prescriptions and managing medication.


Designed to be user-friendly with a low learning curve, ensuring easy

Universal App

Emphasized the importance of user-centered design, recognizing that simplicity and functionality are key to a successful app.


Learned that methodical design processes aligned with user needs lead to practical and effective solutions.

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