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A music streaming platform dedicated to facilitating hassle-free creation of musical tracks. It enables users to produce unique tracks by extracting stems from existing music.

Role: UX/UI Design

Target Audience: Content Creators, Corporations



Develop a platform that empowers creators to control and customize music to fit their style and audience, enabling the creation of unique soundtracks from existing tracks.


Many music streaming platforms lack features that cater to creators' needs for originality and customization in using music for social media content.

Problem Statement

Research and Design Process

Conducted in-depth research, including surveys, to understand how users consume music for content creation. Identified needs for creative freedom, affordability, and ease of use in music streaming.

Empathize with

User Needs:

  1. Users appreciated the platform's easy navigation but desired improved stem separation from full tracks.

  2. Positive feedback on the subscription model with unlimited, royalty-free downloads.

  3. Users enjoyed the ability to create custom mixes from single composers' tracks.

Usability Findings

Design solution - Key Features

Enables users to create personalized soundtracks using music stems from different tracks.


Offers seamless integration with social platforms, ensuring hassle-free publication without copyright concerns.


Assists in finding music that matches the desired style and mood.


Tailored plans to meet different user needs, balancing cost and quality.

Flexible Plans

Achievements: The project successfully developed an engaging and user-friendly mobile app, significantly increasing user interaction and support for Haitian causes.


Future Improvement: Given more resources, a job section could be added to assist the Haitian community in finding employment opportunities within Haiti.

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