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From my birth home in Jacmel, The Artistic and Cultural Jewel of Haiti, I was always immersed in creativity, from the beautiful paintings and carnivals to the food, music, and architecture. Participating in family-organized plays each summer, I embraced dance and acting, growing up in a world brimming with artistic expression.

Despite limited resources, this environment fostered a deep-seated inspiration to create and uplift our community.

This creative heritage is a cornerstone of my identity as a Product Management Enthusiast, Certified Project Manager, and Certified UX Designer. Committed to developing innovative and user-centric solutions, I bring a unique perspective to every project, tackling intricate challenges to craft exceptional products.

My passion for creativity is the driving force behind my work. I strive to create design solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also capture the eye, command attention, and ignite inspiration.

As an ally in the realm of digital product and brand experiences, I am dedicated to helping visions come to life, enhancing conversions, and maximizing marketing ROI, all while staying true to my creative roots and professional aspirations.


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