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HT. Diaspora


UX/UI Design



Target Audience

Good-doers, Activists


Research, Wireframing, Prototyping

Problem Statement

The Haitian Diaspora lacked a cohesive platform experience to support and amplify their causes and issues.


To design a responsive web and mobile app experience that enables Haitian communities to engage in digital activism and effect tangible changes in their community.


User Research: Conducted in-depth interviews with 12 participants and investigated WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Data was organized through affinity mapping.
Key Findings: Challenges included illiteracy, uncertainty about where to donate, distrust in charities, and difficulty in accessing medical care, clean water, and energy. Additional issues included high prices, unemployment, and maltreatmen


Usability Testing: Identified user pain points.
Outcome: Enabled HT.Diaspora users to create impactful content, support reputable charities, discover new ways to make a difference, and launch movements.

Design Solution Custom

Approach: Adopted a mobile-first strategy and focused on site usability and conversion funnel.
Newsfeed: Share and stay updated with news, create support causes.
Video Content: Engage with supporters through content creation.
Discover: Find organizations and movements to support.
Donate Feature: Simplify the donation process.


Successes: Achieved an interactive and engaging mobile app, driving significant user traction.
Potential Improvement: If resources allowed, adding a job section to assist Haitians in finding employment opportunities in Haiti.

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